Patient Persistence in The Pandemic

How has pandemic living affected your patience? Have you cultivated more of it out of necessity? Are you running out of it after a year of lockdowns, virtual meetings, and take-out?

Sometimes there isn’t a fast-track or a shortcut. In a world of quick fixes and instant gratification we tend to lose patience with things that take time like big projects, change initiatives or even changing our personal habits.  Sometimes we lose patience with ourselves.

That’s when we need persistence as well as patience to get the results we really want.

If it seems like something you want in your life is taking you longer than you thought it would, like a new job, a promotion or a relationship, it doesn’t mean that you should give up; especially if it’s something you really want.  Big, important things often take more time and effort to create or turn-around than little things.  A deep wound takes longer to heal than a scratch, a long-held doubt or fear may take time to overcome, but with patience and persistence success is possible.

Remember – you can never fail if you never give up!

Stay focused on the result you want; on the destination you’re headed for, and not on the things that appear to be slowing you down or going wrong.

I’ve read that it takes seven miles for the Queen Mary to turn around – seven!  I bet you’re a great big soul with a large heart and a bit of history, so it might take you a few miles to turn things around too.  But you can do it as sure as the Queen Mary.  Just stay on course.  Take your time.  And never give up. There is a job, a promotion, or someone out there that’s meant just for you.

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