Every successful workshop begins with a clear understanding of the needs and objectives of
an organization and its leaders.

“Greatness is not a destiny, that is granted to a few,
greatness is a choice that is available to anyone.”

The Unleash Your Greatnesss workshop enables people and organizations to make the wisest
possible investment of their time and energy in order to produce breakthrough results.

“Nothing great happens in leadership until you can own
who you are being while you are leading.”

You can know the how, what, where, and even the why.
If you don’t know the WHO you are, your leadership will not prevail.

Topics include:

  • Lolly’s proven and successful R. E. T. H. I. N. K. model of archetypal leadership
  • Seven archetypes of great leadership:
    Rebel, Explorer, Truth Teller, Hero, Inventor, Navigator, Knight
  • The seven characteristics of strength that each leader must serve with:
    Confidence, Intuition, Candor, Courage, Integrity, Trust, Loyalty
  • The seven leadership gaps that keep you from greatness:
    Imposter, Exploiter, Deceiver, Bystander, Destroyer, Fixer, Mercenary
  • Create your own leadership blueprint for mastery.


Leadership is not so much about position
as much as it is about your disposition.

Lead From Within is a powerful workshop that examines the essence of leadership—
the core questions that leaders must answer for themselves from within.

This process workshop provides leaders with tools and strategies to explore the challenges
of leadership, enhance their personal effectiveness and integrity as leaders,
and better enable them to lead.

The Lead From Within workshop goes beyond rote skills and process checklists that you
find in conventional leadership development workshops.

Leadership comes from within, it matters not how but who you are.

Leaders need to examine—and clearly articulate—personal values, talents, contributions,
and vision as the foundation of self-leadership. Each of us is born with what it takes to lead,
but not all of us are born feeling like leaders. With a little wisdom, a little encouragement,
and a lot of empowerment, you can be a leader no matter your title.

Topics include:

  • Understanding what it means to lead
  • Establishing leadership foundation
  • Meeting leadership challenges
  • Identifying core values and articulated vision
  • Meeting expectations of those you serve


Lolly Daskal is a great facilitator, her workshops are dynamic, memorable and have produced successful
results for our company. We continuously invite Lolly back to challenge us and we are always intrigued
by her methodology. ~ Michael Stuart