In the best organizations, success is fueled by a shared vision, values, purpose and goals;
a strong culture supported by honest communication; common respect and understanding
of the organization’s limited resources; and across-the-board acceptance of the direction
and urgency required to achieve excellence.

But some organizations can’t seem to get out of their own way. Teams work at
cross-purposes, waste valuable resources, and become bogged down with bureaucracy
and red tape. In these organizations, form becomes more important than substance,
and the blame game and mistrust is rampant.

Lolly Daskal founder and CEO of Lead From Within, has worked with a wide variety
of organizations in the US, and throughout Asia, Europe and South America.

She has worked with hi-tech start-ups, non-profits, educational institutions,
media companies, manufacturers, government agencies, investment funds and
professional service firms, to improve the business performance and outcomes
of people critical to the organization’s success including:

• Defining, developing, and strengthening leadership teams
• Creating leadership alignment
• Building a trusting, values-driven culture
• Strengthening effective communication
• Creating dynamic teams and meaningful relationships
• Engaging people to embrace change and continuous improvement
• Moving beyond compliance and creating real commitment
• Establishing cultural transformation


Lolly Daskal is a great consultant. As an organization we thought we had
our plans in place, but Lolly challenged our thinking and our strategy. We now
have a compelling vision in the present and we have the competitive advantage for
the future. ~Frank Mendleson, CEO